Why a Center Console Powerboat Is Perfect for Day Cruising

Why a Center Console Powerboat Is Perfect for Day Cruising

A cool, refreshing breeze blows through your hair. The smell of sunscreen. The soothing sound of lapping waves around you. Yes, it’s summertime, folks! And the weather is perfect for day cruising.

If you’re busy boat shopping during these warmer months, we’d recommend giving center console boats a second look. While just about any boat can be used for a relaxing day cruise, we’d argue that the center console design offers a few specific advantages over other vessels for your time on the water.

What Is a Center Console Custom Powerboat?

For the uninitiated, a center console custom powerboat is a type of vessel with a single deck, open hull, and a center-located helm, often ranging from 18 to 40 feet in length. The central-positioned helm is the defining feature of this vessel, often covered with a hardtop that provides coverage from the wind and sun.

Other center consoles may have full-fledged cabins for maximum protection from the elements, or they may use flexible, removable bimini tops for a more versatile boating experience. As you’ll begin to see, this versatility is a key benefit of center consoles, with tons of great vessels and customization options at your disposal.

In terms of power, center consoles typically feature outboard motors suited to the size of the boat and the boat’s purpose. It all comes down to your preferences and what type of custom powerboat options make the most sense for your activities. But whatever plans you have, center consoles are a great choice. In fact, center console custom powerboats are some of the most popular boating options on the market due to just how versatile they are.

Why Center Consoles Make Great All-Purpose Vessels

So, what makes a center console custom powerboat a great choice for day cruising?

It comes down to the design and layout of the boat itself. Center consoles balance the speed and agility of smaller watercraft with the luxury and comfort of bigger vessels. As we mentioned above, the benefits come from the boat’s unique console layout. The enclosed center console offers the helmsman protection from sun, wind, and rain, while still allowing plenty of deck space for seating and storage.

This lightweight design efficiency, combined with its powerful outboard engine, provides a unique blend of speed and comfort that makes this particular type of custom powerboat suitable for almost any type of water activity:

  • Day cruising
  • Fishing
  • Racing
  • Water-skiing
  • Snorkeling
  • Family outings
  • Romantic getaways

In other words, center consoles are for the boat enthusiasts who want it all. You name it, the center console can do it. This becomes even more apparent when you start looking at customization options for your powerboat.

Complete Custom Powerboat Personalization

Due to the popularity of center console powerboats, you’ll find that you have plenty of customization options provided by different manufacturers and retailers that let you truly make the boat your own.

Are you concerned about wind or sun protection in the cockpit? Check out adjustable bimini tops that let you move the covering and shield yourself relative to the sun’s position. (Though a little sunscreen never goes amiss, either!)

Are you lugging around a few-too-many pieces of fishing gear? Your center console custom powerboat may come with forward, aft, or side storage options perfect for your fishing rods, tackle, bait, and coolers. The center design and hull layout are big advantages, here – you can fish from anywhere on the boat without worry of obstruction or snagged lines.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. (Is it kosher to mention icebergs in a blog about boats?)

Center consoles are designed to be versatile and easygoing, perfect for a wide range of activities. Those of you looking for a nice and easy daytime lake cruise can go with a simple center console with a lightweight design and single engine. If you’re looking for something more suitable for rugged, choppy ocean waters, you can go with a bigger vessel with double, or even triple outboards. The sky’s the limit.

And when you’ve selected the right type of center console for your purposes, you can start playing with your post-purchase customization options. Outfit your boat with interior electronics, lights, sound systems, and all other essential boating gear you’ll need for your trip. And last but not least, design a custom exterior paint job for your vessel and give it a name.

A Ride Unlike Anything on the Water

You have plenty of center console options at your disposal, and for first-time boat buyers, it’s a lot to take in. Feel free to reach out to Mystic Powerboats for a rundown of our vessels or guidance on which center console will work best for you and yours. Across power, performance, and comfort, the center console can do a lot – all it needs is you behind the helm!