Which Mystic Should You Choose: M3800, M4200, or C4000?

Which Mystic Should You Choose: M3800, M4200, or C4000?

Mystic Powerboats are the finest and fastest offshore boats in the world. Unlike any other custom powerboat on the water, the M3800, M4200, and C4000 perfectly balance speed and luxury. And every model is fully customizable to meet every one of your desires.

Built from the ground up, Mystic’s center consoles and catamarans come with thousands of options in materials, seating configurations, paints, colors, interior, and exterior features, and motor configurations. We custom design each of our custom powerboats to make your on-water experiences fun and exhilarating. No other company comes close to meeting your every design wish. Our years of boating experience and design expertise deliver to our buyers the fastest, safest, and smoothest ride on the market.

When choosing between the M3800, M4200, and C4000, here’s what to consider.

The Mystic M3800 Center Console

Our customers asked, and we delivered. The Mystic M3800 is the perfect-sized boat for people who want all the speed of the M4200, but don’t need a boat of its size. Its smaller size makes the M3800 easier to tow, meaning you get out on the water with less hassle. Available in multiple configurations and fully customizable, your powerful and luxurious M3800 reflects Mystic quality in every detail.

While the M3800 center console has a lower price tag than the M4200, you still get all the benefits that come from investing in a Mystic Powerboat, including an effortless and distinctive style that sets you apart on the water. The M3800’s tastefully styled interiors are designed for comfort and safety and offer great handling, a soft, dry ride, and plenty of room to entertain family and friends in style.

The Mystic M4200 Center Console

Can a center console boat deliver speed, agility, and joy? It can if it’s the Mystic M4200. From its high-tech outfitted helm to the stitched dash top and lighted push-button switches, the M4200 is an honest-to-goodness fun machine.

Our first departure from ultra-performance catamarans, the M4200 is our flagship boat and most popular model. Introduced in 2015, it’s also the largest and fastest center console we make. It was specifically created to meet our customers’ demands for the speed, style, and luxury that come standard with a yacht. It’s the ideal choice for those who want a larger, faster, and more adventurous powerboat.

The size and speed of the M4200 make it ideal for rough water adventures where you can run it anywhere from 70 to 90 mph, all while maintaining a safe and dry ride. If you’re looking for a center console that beautifully marries speed and comfort, this is the right choice for you.

Customizable stylings? You bet! You can outfit your M4200 to all your desired specifications. Our paint and power choices range from mild to wild, and no matter which combo you choose, your Mystic M4200 is guaranteed to be the talk of the water! Style, speed, comfort, value, function, and fun are all custom designed to beautifully reflect your unique personality.

While the M4200 center console is already stacked with yacht-like luxury features, there are plenty of options for making the boat all your own. Some of the customizations our customers love include:

  • Innovative tech-based features like digital shift and throttle systems, automatic trim controls, and joystick docking control. Boaters of all levels get precise handling that makes their boating experience all the more enjoyable.
  • State-of-the-art audio and navigation equipment 
  • And so much more

With plenty of open space and comfortable seating for your guests to kick back in, you’ll be sure to keep the luxury and entertainment levels high in your Mystic M4200.

The Mystic C4000 Catamaran

What we like to call the gentleman’s catamaran, the Mystic C4000 was born from competition. Its race-winning roots mean it’s capable of running over 100 mph with just two outboard engines. Our fourth generation of cats, the C4000 gives you the reliability and longevity of outboard power plus unmatched speed. It’s the ideal luxury powerboat for both a relaxing day at sea and an afternoon of fast thrills on the water.

A new breed of catamarans, the C4000 offers the most comfortable rough water ride of any outboard cat on the market. It handles really well and has a great layout with lots of space. And the interiors of our C4000 boats are as comfy as they are stylish. With its ample cushioning and open cockpit, this luxury catamaran takes pleasure to the next level. From handcrafted seats that offer comfort and security to its ample fuel capacity, the Mystic C4000 assures you of many years of boating fun. And since it’s built for easy handling, there’s no need to worry about whether you have the offshore racing experience needed for control.

Who are the ideal candidates for a luxury catamaran? It’s simple: most boaters who invest in high-performance sport catamarans love speed. Unlike sailing catamarans used for fishing and day sailing, high-speed cats take the boating experience up a notch without you getting soaked!

The first thing you’ll notice about a high-performance catamaran is its multiple hulls. This design feature offers distinct advantages, including:

  • Greater stability while underway and at rest. Because the two hulls stay level, it’s easier for you to maneuver in them.
  • Excellent maneuverability. As the twin-engine propellers are set wide apart, you can easily maneuver and spin.
  • Greater accessibility. Catamarans can venture into more shallow waters.

And even though a catamaran has two engines, it’s often more fuel-efficient than other powerboats.

Sport catamaran owners love the speed-induced adrenaline rush the boats deliver, but they also appreciate how it promotes a healthy mind and body. A cat provides just what you need to escape to recharge, encourages physical activity, promotes a sense of adventure, and builds meaningful traditions with friends and family. Lighter and more agile than previous Mystic cats, the C4000 is sure to please high-performance catamaran lovers everywhere.

The Engines That Power Mystic’s Custom Powerboats

With their advanced technologies and sophisticated air intake systems, today’s outboard engines offer improved fuel efficiency, eliminate much of the ethanol issues of older engines, and boost performance.

Whether you invest in one of Mystic’s center consoles or its distinctive catamaran, you want an outboard engine that delivers the power and performance you expect and deserve. The Mercury 450R is a customizable 4.6 liter V-8 with a supercharger system that perfectly complements the Mystic M3800, M4200, and C4000 models. Offering 40% more torque than Mercury’s 400R, the 450R still only weighs in at 689 pounds—merely 21 pounds more than the six-cylinder version. And an advanced sound control, dual muffler system ensures you get a smooth and quiet ride at any speed.

Just like your luxury powerboat itself, you can customize the 450R engine to complement your center console or catamaran. It comes in three attractive accent panel colors and two chassis colors. And you can always take things up a notch with performance active trim, digital zero effort controls, and joystick piloting.

The engine in your custom luxury powerboat should elevate every aspect of your high-performance boating experience. With its power, control, convenience, and reliability, Mercury’s 450Rs are definitely up to the challenge, allowing you to go further and faster than you ever imagined. When the Mercury 450R engines and Mystic luxury powerboats join forces, the result is an outstanding quality you can see and feel.

Three Luxury Boat Models, All Built for Speed and Enjoyment

Is speed your #1 priority in a custom luxury boat? At Mystic, performance is paramount to every boat we design and build. Our M3800, M4200, and C4000 all provide outstanding performance on rough waters, deliver unsurpassed functionality, and display unparalleled versatility when compared to other boats. That they’re also incredibly good-looking is an added benefit!

The speed, agility, and responsiveness of Mystic’s catamaran and center consoles give them the breathtaking ability to generate the unbounded joy most boating thrill seekers are looking for. No matter which level of speed you’re aiming for, you want a custom luxury boat that also delivers exceptional enjoyment.

Investing in a custom-designed Mystic center console or catamaran brings with it an abundance of  benefits:

  • Your boat is built to your unique specifications. When you take it out on the water, you have immense satisfaction in knowing your boat will be performing precisely as you imagined it would.
  • More durability. As a custom-built powerboat from Mystic is made using the best materials and techniques.
  • An incredible sense of pride in knowing your luxury custom powerboat is unlike any other. Your distinctive style is beautifully reflected in your finished boat, and you come away with a much deeper understanding of how your boat operates.

How to Choose the Right Powerboat for Your Lifestyle

When you’re ready to invest in a new Mystic luxury powerboat, it can be tough to make up your mind between our three models. Here’s what to think about:

  • Your boating vision. When you picture a day out on the water, do you envision sharing it with groups of family and friends? The more people you’d like to share the boating experience with, the bigger the boat you should invest in.
  • Boating experience. While all our boats offer excellent maneuverability, larger boats like the M4200 are more challenging to maneuver around docks and in tight spaces. If you’re new to boating, a smaller model like the M3800 may be a good start.
  • Towing. Do you plan to tow your boat on your own? For bigger boats, you’ll need a large truck to handle the load, not to mention excellent driving skills up to the task of pulling a 42-footer down the highway.

A luxury powerboat is a significant investment, so it’s essential you choose one that delivers the boating lifestyle you imagine. Listen to what other boaters have to say but be sure to choose the boat that’s both the right size and outfitted to your specific desires.

Put Yourself in the Hands of an Experienced Custom Boat Designer

When you want a true custom build you can rely on for years, Mystic Powerboats delivers. Our superior boat-building skills enable us to flawlessly design and engineer a center console or catamaran for you that is truly like no other.

Why choose Mystic Powerboats? Simple:

  • Experience and expertise matter. No other luxury boat designer offers the same commitment to detail Mystic does. With over 25 years of experience and a lifetime of training, we take custom luxury powerboat building to a whole new level.
  • We deliver unparalleled customer service. When you purchase one of our center consoles or catamarans, we’re here to support you year after year for as long as you own your Mystic boat.
  • Flawless craftsmanship. From form to function, we use the right materials in precisely the right way to build you a center console or catamaran that epitomizes flawless artistry in boat construction.

With sales in the U.S. now at a 13-year high, it’s clear water enthusiasts from every generation are looking to invest in boats at an unprecedented level. Are you ready to join their ranks?

The unmatched design and performance of Mystic M3800, M4200, and C4000 custom powerboats provide the highest level of owner satisfaction and offer unparalleled levels of luxury, customization, and performance. Schedule a one-to-one meeting with Mystic Powerboats today to learn more about the benefits and joys of owning a true one-of-a-kind custom powerboat.