Ways to Increase Boat Speed

Ways to Increase Boat Speed

Does your old boat not have the zip that it used to, or did you purchase a new boat that doesn’t quite fulfill your need for speed? Either way, there are plenty of ways to give your boat the boost you’re looking for.

Ready to feel the wind on your face? Here are X ways to increase your custom powerboat’s top speed.

Reduce the Weight

More weight means less speed. This principle applies to everything from runners and swimmers to cars and, yes, boats. If you can decrease your boat’s weight, you’ll instantly get a bump in your top speed. Reducing your boat’s weight is like free horsepower!

If you really want to go fast, keep only the essentials on board and get rid of items you don’t need:

  • Coolers
  • Fishing rods
  • Recreation items like towels, sunscreen, etc.

Small items like sunscreen might not seem like they’d impact the weight of your boat, but every little item adds up. You’d be surprised how much weight you can save by simply removing excess stuff from your custom powerboat. A lighter boat will sit higher in the water, resulting in less drag and more power.

For essential items you don’t want to leave on the dock, put them in aft storage (the back). Placing heavy items in the front will weigh down your bow (front) and cause your boat to drag more in the water.

If you’re determined to max out your top speed, you should also consider draining your freshwater tanks and heading out with less than a full fuel tank. Water and fuel are heavy, especially if your boat has large tanks. Keep the weight to a minimum.

Get the Trim Just Right

Trim is the running angle of your boat. In other words, it’s how high or low your bow sits in the water. If your bow is too high, the engines are trying to propel your boat out of the water at an upward angle, which is a waste of power. If your bow sits too low in the water, you lose hydrodynamics and increase drag. To increase speed and engine efficiency, you’ll want to be like Goldilocks and find where it’s “just right.”

When you properly trim your boat, it’ll glide on top of the water with as little drag as possible. Less drag means more speed!

To trim your custom powerboat, start with the engine angle all the way down. You can adjust the trim with a toggle button on the dashboard. Once you get moving, adjust the trim up ever so slightly until you feel the boat become lighter in the water and the speed increases. This is the sweet spot. Once you find it, back the trim back down slightly, and enjoy your faster cruising speeds.

Propellor Upgrades

Upgrading your propellor is like putting racing slicks on your car. You’ll be able to put more power into the water to push your boat forward even faster. As far as physical upgrades go, a new propeller is the simplest way to pick up a few miles per hour on your top speed.

To get the most out of your custom powerboat’s engines, swap to stainless steel props. 

Stainless steel is much stronger than aluminum, which means the blades can be thinner without losing rigidity. They can cut through the water with less resistance without sacrificing power, making them the clear choice for any boat owner with a need for speed.

Hull Blueprinting

If you’ve had your boat for a while and it doesn’t seem to be getting the speed it used to, you might need some hull blueprinting. Hull blueprinting involves scanning your hull for imperfections and restoring it to its original specifications. This can eliminate drag from either construction errors or regular wear and tear.

With hull blueprinting, you can get an easy 2-4 mph boost in your top speed without even touching your engines.

Engine Superchargers

Are you tired of the measly one or two mph gains you can get with weight reduction or hull blueprinting? Go all-out with an engine supercharger. It’s not cheap, but it’ll give you the biggest boost to your top speed.

A supercharger compresses the air and fuel mixture before it enters your engine for a bigger explosion. Bigger explosions in an internal combustion engine mean more power. With the right supercharger, you can easily see top speed gains of ten mph or more!

Make sure your engines are compatible with a supercharger before installation. Many engine components can’t handle the extra power, so you might need to make some other upgrades like an ECM recalibration, a better oil cooler, or a new gear ratio.

Get an Already-Powerful Mystic Custom Powerboat

If speed is what you’re after, it’s always best to purchase an already-powerful boat that can give you the exciting ride you’re looking for. You can upgrade a bass boat all you want, but you’ll never match the speed of a custom powerboat straight off the lot.

Mystic custom powerboats are built with speed in mind. Our history is rooted in racing. In 2013, we built a boat that shattered the world record for fastest water speed with a 244-mph pass! While we don’t offer those speeds for our production models, all three of our legendary models are capable of speeds well beyond 70 mph. Our quickest model, the C4000, can easily reach speeds of over 100 mph—no upgrades required.

If you’re ready for life in the fast lane, contact the experts at Mystic to schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss your needs. We’ll build the perfect powerboat that’s customized for your unique style and preferences that’s like nothing else on the water.