The Many Ways Custom Powerboats Enhance Your Life

The Many Ways Custom Powerboats Enhance Your Life

The boating universe is vast. From the earliest times, people who lived near oceans, lakes, or rivers created watercraft that fit their needs and the interests of their culture. South Pacific Islanders crafted outriggers to travel hundreds of miles through the ocean from one island to the next. Native Americans engineered canoes that could glide swiftly and efficiently along the rivers of North America. Norsemen built deep-hulled ocean craft powered by oars and sails that could navigate the extreme high-seas punishment of the North Atlantic.

Each of these early boats, and those that have evolved since were designed for specific purposes to adapt to existing needs and circumstances. Standard requirements were to transport people and goods, stay upright and afloat in no-so-ideal conditions, and be propelled by whatever means that was available.

In the 19th Century, steam-power and later the internal combustion engine added very substantial new options to boat designers of the time. The breakthroughs initiated significant changes in the size, capacities, and transit times of new boat design options. 

Choose the Ideal Custom Powerboat for You

Custom powerboats dominate the boating scene today. The industry offers many options, but for high-performance, luxury, and attention to detail, the field narrows considerable,

While sailing is always a preferred option for some boat owners, most people choose the convenience, ease of use, and the versatility of custom powerboats.  Consider that the principal powerboating activities of Americans are:

1. Cruising

A safe and relaxing day or overnight on the water is an escape, an excellent way for friends and families to enjoy a change in setting while reveling in the joyful wonders of the water, wind, and sunshine. Also, custom powerboats provide a terrific way to travel from Point A to Point B without the traffic and hassle of highway driving.

Stopping at a picturesque, full-service seaside harbor to refuel yourselves and your custom powerboats can be a delightfully refreshing and create memorable new experiences photo ops.

2. Speed Boating

Owners of high-performance custom powerboats also enjoy the thrill of acceleration and skimming across the waves in a specially designed, sleek watercraft at speeds up to and even above 100 mph. Some of these eye-catching custom powerboats, available in the Mystic Powerboats line, offer incredible performance and style with passenger comfort, responsiveness, and safety plus a range of personal choices unique in the high-performance segment of custom powerboats.

Note that the ability to motor at high speeds has a practical element as well. Many busy boat owners are pressed for time, and a high-performance custom powerboat can transport them and guests from point to point in far less time than conventional powerboats.

“Do more in less time” is a natural expectation of successful business owners and executives, And, doing what you like with style is another typical quest. Sleek, attention-grabbing, high-performance powerboats fulfill those preferences beautifully.

3. Watersports

Some of the most popular family boating activities involve watersports like water skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing, or even towing inflatable tubes. Custom powerboats can accommodate beginners at much slower speeds or kick up to higher speeds for the more advanced skiers or water boarders.

4. Fishing

Fishing is possibly the most popular of all water activities.  Some custom powerboats are explicitly outfitted for fishing, particularly those designed with a center console that allows 360° perimeter access to move about the deck without obstruction.

5. Overnighting and Liveaboards

Overnighting is a common activity for owners of custom powerboats. Some can be equipped with a galley, head, sleeping berths, and other comforts of home to accommodate outings of longer duration.

Selecting Options to Customize Your High-Performance Powerboat

Some boat designs may accommodate some or all the activities mentioned here. With any of Mystic Powerboat’s line of custom powerboats, you and your crew can speed to a destination, drop a fishing line, engage in some watersports, and relax with dinner on the comfortable deck before heading back.

The current three Mystic Powerboat options are the M3800, M4200, and C4000. Buyers of any of these sleek and incredibly well-designed custom powerboats can opt for engine configurations to customize their high-performance selection to perform at whichever level they choose.

Each model offers beautiful, attention-getting styling with luxurious passenger seating and appointments. The Mystic designers have installed features and contours that allow all passengers to enjoy the adrenaline rush from the speed while staying completely dry.

Working with your Mystic Powerboats consultant, you may start from scratch with your model selection, then add the components that fulfill your expectations for style, performance, and versatility.

Here is a more in-depth look at each of the current models:

Compare Mystic Custom Powerboats

Mystic M4200

You can add as much power as you like to the sleek and beautiful Mystic M4200. Equipped with four 400 hp engines, the M4200 can reach upwards of 80 mph.

Even with just three 350 hp engines, as reviewed by, hitting 70 miles-per-hour is a cinch. Comparably powered boats from other manufacturers do not come close, a clear sign that Mystic’s designers continue to apply their decades of experience with speed design and understand the essential principles of hydrodynamics and streamlining.

The M4200 is Mystic’s bestseller, and you can outfit your custom powerboat with your personal selection of paint and power options that match your vision.

Mystic M3800

The M3800 is the Mystic’s answer to requests for a fast, but slightly smaller custom powerboat than the M4200. This beauty offers a high level of customization and performance levels. The fit and finish of this center console watercraft are excellent, according to a recent review by The M3800 comes with plush seating and a pair of wind-blocking doors between the console and hull for additional comfort.

The reviewer also notes that this ruggedly durable and beautiful custom powerboat is designed to handle easily, even at top speeds.

Mystic C4000

The C4000 is the fourth generation of Mystic catamarans. Boasting an elegant profile, this catamaran skims effortlessly across the rough ocean water will provide comfort, luxury, and a dry ride with ample cushioning, handcrafted seating, and an open cockpit. Built for speed and powered by two outboard engines, this easy-to-handle version can reach speeds of over 100 mph.

A current upgrade to the earlier C3800 version, the C4000 will be an all-carbon-fiber entry that optimizes the best qualities of the C3800 and the C4400 to create the right balance of shape, weight, length, and capability.

Schedule Your One-on-One Appointment with Mystic Powerboats

If you are in the market for one of our fast, luxurious, and sleek custom powerboats, contact the professionals at Mystic Powerboats. From our company’s inception in 1996, our heritage has been focused on groundbreaking innovation and design.

Since those earliest days, several of our powerboat designs and innovations have set records and won international awards against formidable competition.

To learn more about our custom powerboats, schedule a one-on-one consultation. If you visit our website’s Contact Us Page, one of our professionals will contact you directly for a personal appointment. Or, you may phone our DeLand, Florida, headquarters at 1-386-736-2247.