The Joys of Cruising on a Center Console

The Joys of Cruising on a Center Console

One of the most popular forms of boating today is “day cruising.” It’s a term that means different things to different people. For some, it’s about spending a day or two meandering on the water without a destination or goal in mind. For others, it can be cruising to a beach for a picnic and swimming, visiting a historic site, or a great way to get in two days of fishing in one outing.

Center console boats with enclosed cabins are a perfect choice for boaters who want to spend a little more time out on the water. Whether it’s a super-long day filled with varied activities or an overnight experience, cruising on a center console can be an extremely fun and rewarding time.

The ultimate vacation on-demand, extended cruising on a center console is an adventure few boaters should miss. Do you dream of exploring waterways at a more leisurely pace? Cruising on a Mystic M4200 or M3800 can make that dream a reality. Along the way, you’ll open up new horizons and gain a new perspective on what boating can be.

Cruising on a Center Console

Luxury center console powerboats give you the ability to venture beyond your home port and its routine waterways. Though many day yachts are relatively compact, they can easily accommodate a good-sized party, with generous seating, lounge areas, and a cabin that’s perfect for overnight sleeping.

In fact, most modern-day yachts have all the amenities of a home, including climate control and entertainment centers. Throw in some must-have powerboat accessories like a grill, hammock, and mood lights, and you have everything you need to ensure your trip is completed in utter luxury with your center console.

Mystic Center Consoles as Day Yachts

Cruising can be done from virtually any size day yacht and our center consoles provide the same opportunity. Mystic offers the M3800 and M4200, which are perfect for weekending, overnighting, and other extended cruises. Our M4200 is as full of luxury as it is of performance and the M3800, which features the same size helm station as its larger sibling, is just as complete with luxury features also.

Both models have a propulsion system and fuel capacity sufficient to provide the range you want for your cruising experience. Each of our custom powerboats has multiple engines for more speed and standard 300-gallon fuel storage—plenty of juice to get you wherever you’re going and back.

They both also come with many standard and optional features designed for longer trips.

  • A cabin with berth (double for the M3800 and queen for the M4200).
  • Separate head locker.
  • A transom shower.
  • Inviting lounges.
  • Complete galley with sink, microwave, and refrigerator.
  • Plenty of storage room.
  • Air conditioning (optional).

Both day yachts have protected helm stations, so poor or lousy weather doesn’t cut your cruising short. And there’s plenty of roomy, padded seating, so crew and guests always have a place to hang out and relax. The U-shaped seating layouts can easily seat 15-20 people and inspire enjoyable socializing while offering a comfortable, safe ride.

Let’s Get Cruising

There’s nothing like a custom center console for enjoying the exciting world of cruising. Safe, quick, and comfortable luxury center console powerboats are simply one of the best ways to enjoy an extended day or two on the water. Want to spend even more time exploring? Consider visiting some ports along the way that offer waterfront hotel or motel accommodations.

We haven’t forgotten the reason so many boat enthusiasts purchase a center console—the fishing! Are you the sole avid angler in your family? Investing in a boat that’s a great fishing vessel and also happens to be super comfortable can be a terrific selling point for getting family and friends to join you on the high waters. You might even convert a few people into fishing enthusiasts along the way.

With their 360-degree area to fish from, Mystic’s M3800 and M4200 offer everything you need for a couple of days of keen angling. Your non-fishing companions will appreciate how relaxing the lounge and cabin areas are for resting and watching you reel them in.

There are countless joys to be found cruising. Who knows what you’ll see and encounter along the way? Historic lighthouses, seemingly endless types of wildlife, ocean-going vessels, and much more. Few water experiences are more likely to entertain your friends and family like a day or two of cruising. Seeing the sights from such a unique perspective simply can’t be matched by other forms of travel!

Ready to invest in your own custom center console? Mystic Powerboats designs and builds the best luxury center console powerboats available on today’s market. Each of our boats is made to order to suit your exact specifications and boating style. To learn more about our complete line of boats, including pre-owned boats, contact us online today to schedule a personal consultation.