Steal the Show With Mystic’s Sleek, Customizable M4200

Steal the Show With Mystic's Sleek Customizable M4200

Boat sales in the U.S. reached a 13-year high in 2020, and experts agree 2021 shows no sign of the buying boon slowing down. Whether they’re looking for a fun way to social distance or are rediscovering a love of outdoor recreational activities, people are investing in boats at a level not seen since the 2008 Great Recession.

Put Others in the Shade in a Customizable Center Console

Every boat enthusiast wants their vessel decked out just right—and we’re here to deliver what they’re looking for. Style, speed, value, comfort, fun, and function are all customized to reflect your unique personality. Customized options for the M4200 are endless and designed to make your new prized possession stand out on the water.

Advanced tech-based features like digital throttle and shift systems, joystick docking control, and automatic trim controls offer precise handling to boaters of all skill levels and experience on the water. And outboard engine advancements over the past decade have resulted in lighter, easier-to-use engines and power systems.

Center console customizations, of course, aren’t limited to engines and control systems. The Mystic M4200 is a sleek, fast powerboat designed to perform exceptionally well in all conditions, including rough waters, giving you a safe, solid ride, even at top speeds.

Customized Design for Your Mystic M4200 Center Console

Every Mystic powerboat customer can choose from various options to build the highly customized boat of their dreams. We design each of our powerboats with a single-minded purpose: giving you the individual creation that fulfills your every boating wish. From the position of the console to upgraded sound systems, you’re in charge! You customize elements of your boat that are important to you.

Built of fiberglass and Kevlar and topped with a structurally integrated carbon-fiber-reinforced hardtop, the M4200 center console comes already stacked with yacht-like luxury features, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the boat your own.

Since all our boats are built to order, you can choose your preference in:

  • Horsepower
  • Audio equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Seating options
  • And more

The Mystic also comes with plenty of options and accessories for entertaining family and friends. Its two-tone vinyl upholstery and faux-teak decks set this center console apart from traditional fishing boats. There’s tons of space open for seating and at least a dozen comfy places for guests to kick back, including a huge bow lounge that extends forward from the console.

Down below, you find a berth and head as well as a microwave, sink, and refrigerator, perfect for entertaining. At the helm, there are MFDs (multifunction displays) and electronic engine data displays befitting a luxury powerboat. Custom touches include:

  • Carbon fiber accents
  • A stitched dash top
  • Lighted burnished push-button switches

The M4200 is protected by a stunning curvaceous hardtop held aloft by arch-style supports. And when you’re heading out for a high-speed run, two wind dams fold out from each side of the console. Together with the flared sides of the vented glass windshield, the dams all but eliminate wind-blast at the helm.

Why People Love the Mystic M4200

The Mystic M4200 center console is a veritable smile factory with loads of details that keep the entertainment and luxury levels high.

  • Cup holders are within easy reach of every seat.
  • The cabin has a queen-sized berth and is air-conditioned.
  • Colored LED lighting insets are placed everywhere, including in the gunwales, hardtop, and hull, including below the waterline.
  • A starboard gunwale door makes for easy exit and entry, whether you’re stepping to the dock or swimming away in full scuba gear.
  • The Garmin stereo system is fantastically powerful, with 14 speakers integrated throughout the stern and bow cockpits as well as in the hardtop. Four sub-woofers, three amps, and two remote controls round out the package.

One-of-a-kind custom powerboats built one at a time is the Mystic Powerboat experience our customers love. Along with the M4200, our luxurious M3800 center console and C4000 catamaran are all built to our customers’ unique design ideas and wishes.

Customizations That Will Make Your Powerboat the Star of the Show

From colors, paints, and materials to seating and motor configurations and interior and exterior features, a customized Mystic center console powerboat is loaded with options that make any water adventure fun and exhilarating.

Designed and constructed to your discerning specifications, we strive to meet any personalization our customers have in mind. Our goal is to deliver the fastest, safest, driest, smoothest, and most fuel-efficient ride any boat enthusiast could ask for.

We like to say that the “perfect boat” is personal. A genuine custom build ensures your boat’s every detail is designed with you in mind. Of course, some people aren’t sure of every customization they want until they know it’s available! The best way to get the boat you dream of is to talk with us about how you’ll use the boat and which features matter most.

  • Is speed your #1 priority?
  • How will you use the boat most? Is day cruising your idea of a great day of boating? Or do you envision pleasurable days and nights entertaining family and friends?
  • Do you equate sleekness and speed with flashy colors, or do you picture yourself in a powerboat whose color combination suggests quiet sophistication?
  • What are your speed and stability requirements? That will have an impact on the hull you choose. For instance, flat-bottom hulls are ideal for stability in small bodies of water. Round-bottom and V-shaped models are the first choices for high-performance powerboats.
  • Cabin space and storage are also customizable. If you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining, you’ll want to outfit your M4200 to accommodate the extra provisions and gear you’ll be bringing on board.
  • Our tastefully styled seating and flooring are available in a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. You can go monochrome or mix and match to create a boat that attracts everyone’s attention!
  • Are you a tech-head? The M4200 can be outfitted with upgraded sound systems, LED lighting, GPS capabilities, and more.

Customizing the Simple Way: Accessories

Want a fast and easy way to make your boat the belle of the ball? Accessorize it!

Fun and functional accessories alike can make life on your M4200 center console much more enjoyable and relaxing, not to mention giving your powerboat a singular look.

  • Functional accessories make life onboard less stressful, more comfortable, and much more manageable. Think of things like compasses, binoculars, dock lines, rain gear, and dry sacks. Flashlights, tool kits, and a good knife always come in handy. And extra beach towels and sunscreen are perfect for spontaneous stops at the beach. Potable water, a water purifier, and a safety kit are good for emergencies.
  • Fun accessories add to everyone’s enjoyment and keep the kids from getting bored because, yes, kids get bored on boats, too! Water toys, tow-ables, water skis, inflatable tubes, and wakeboards make hopping in the water pure joy. Hammocks, grills, mood lights, music, and portable ice makers are all it takes sometimes to turn your luxury powerboat into a relaxing water retreat or floating party.

Some fun and functional products that came on the market this past year include:

  • Colorful, multi-sized fenders that protect your boat when docking up at a waterfront restaurant or for refueling. You can choose colors that match your boat or draw attention to yourself with bright yellow, orange, and blue versions.
  • Handheld GPS systems like the Garmin GPSMAP handheld model that’s capable of inReach satellite texting. Good for SOS signals, too.
  • Rechargeable LED spotlights run for three hours on high power and more than seven hours in SOS mode. They’re waterproof, too, and can be submerged for up to 30 minutes and still work.
  • Water mats or carpets come in bright colors and provide on-water relaxation for up to six adults. Kids love them, too. At the end of the day, just roll them up and stow them away.

Why Choose a Custom M4200 Center Console

When you invest in a custom luxury powerboat, you deserve to have one that perfectly fits your boating needs. There are manifold benefits to designing your new center console with Mystic Powerboats.

  • Your boat is designed to your specifications. Once you get in out on the water, you have the deep satisfaction of knowing your Mystic M4200 is performing exactly as you dreamed it would.
  • You can rest easy knowing that because we use only the highest-quality materials and techniques during construction, your custom-built powerboat is more durable than other center consoles you leave in your wake.
  • There’s a wonderful feeling that comes with knowing your powerboat is unlike any other out on the water. Your distinctive style is broadcast to everyone you meet. And while heading out into the open waters is the greatest thrill of owning an M4200, we try to make the design process fun, too, as we walk you through how your boat comes together and what you can expect when the construction’s done.

Whatever your vision of a luxury center console might be, Mystic Powerboats will bring it to life—no other luxury powerboat company can compete with our superior boat-building skills and services. When you choose Mystic, you get:

  • Experience and expertise you won’t find anywhere else. We’ve spent the past 25 years using our lifetime of training, designing, and engineering, to take luxury custom powerboat building to the ultimate level.
  • Unmatched customer service with ongoing support year after year.
  • Quality, advanced craftsmanship that taps into the latest in boating techniques and technologies. We use the exact right materials in precisely the right way to construct a personalized luxury boat that beautifully reflects your taste, style, and personality.

Ready to Get Started on Customizing your Mystic M4200?

Of course, we believe the Mystic M4200 is the best luxury center console for you. Whether you agree depends on what you’re hoping to enjoy in a powerboat. If high-speed adventure and days and nights of on-the-water fun are at the top of your priority list, we think you’ll agree the M4200 is the way to go.

Mystic Powerboats not only manufactures exceptional boats, but we also create true masterpieces that will definitely get you noticed. Mystic’s custom-designed center consoles and catamarans are some of the most durable and beautiful boats on the market. Their exquisite style is matched only by our passion for detail. Our sole mission is to build you a custom powerboat that exceeds your expectations and brings you, your family, and your friends years of enjoyment. Our promise to you is simple: everywhere your Mystic M4200 takes you, all eyes will follow!

Reach out to us today to learn more about how the high-performance and quality design of a Mystic custom powerboat can provide you with the highest level of owner satisfaction in the luxury boat sphere.