Speed and Comfort: The Thrill of Powerboating

Speed and Comfort: The Thrill of Powerboating

In all its many forms, boating provides fun, exhilaration, relaxation, sport, personal challenges, and entertainment. Most importantly, boating offers an escape. From the moment your craft separates from the dock, you leave your typical concerns behind as you enjoy the water, sky, and the fresh air as your daily cares also drift away.

For pure fun and sheer excitement, however, performance powerboating is at the top of many boaters’ lists. “Liveaboards,” anglers, sailors, and pleasure boaters will opt for more mundane types of watercraft. However, dedicated power boaters seek the sleek and beautiful appearance, the technology, and the unadulterated power and speed of a modern custom powerboat. The thrill of rapid acceleration and followed by skimming rapidly through the water is remarkable for many.

For over two decades, Mystic Powerboats, headquartered in Deland, Florida, has been pleasing powerboat enthusiasts worldwide with the latest in hydrodynamic design and performance technology delivered with a broad focus on personalized attention.

What is a High-Performance Custom Powerboat?

High-performance powerboats like those designed and produced by Mystic are built for speed and comfort. The boats are typically powered by high-horsepower outboard motors and feature a narrow beam, steep deadrise, and significant power-to-weight ratios. The size and passenger capacity vary, but generally, powerboats are 25-60 feet in length and may carry between two and six passengers in the cockpit area.

For speed and efficiency, cabins on most custom powerboats are often quite limited. However, the cabins in the Mystic M3800 and M4200 Center Console Powerboat provide ample headroom and a queen-sized bed and more.

How Have Mystic Powerboats Performed?

Since their founding in Melbourne, FL, in 1996, the experts at Mystic Powerboats have focused on performance design. Through the evolution of their output, company entries have achieved worldwide prominence with models that have produced speed records in various events. Note that while most of us have little desire to attain 200+ mph speed records as many of the past Mystic creations have, their history demonstrates the superiority of design and performance of some of the company’s earlier productions. Here are a few landmarks:

  • 2017: Won the Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Shootout with an top speed of 204 mph on a ¾ mile track. According to Powerboat Magazine, the LOTO race is one of the “must-see” events of the year.
  • 2014: Mystic Powerboat’s C5000R wins the LOTO Shootout with an top speed of 244 mph.
  • 2019: Mystic Powerboat wins the LOTO Shootout for the fifth year in a row.
  • A Mystic catamaran has won this event every year but one since 2005

Current Mystic Powerboat Models

As the years have passed, the designers at Mystic Powerboats have spent little time reveling in their successes. Instead, the team is always envisioning the next best solutions for their custom powerboat enthusiasts to enjoy.

Producing better, safer, more comfortable, eye-catching, and high-performance products for their specialized customer group, Mystic currently offers several top-of-the-line powerboat options. Each selection can be customized to fit your preferences for color and pattern, electronics, interior styling, and power options.

Contact Mystic Powerboats

Whether you are an experienced boater looking for another type of watercraft, or simply wishing to change brands, check with Mystic Powerboats. We offer the highest levels of styling and comfort with a ride that minimizes wind in the cockpit, and a dry ride even in the roughest conditions.

Let the professionals at Mystic Powerboats demonstrate our company’s commitment to personalized customer service by contacting us for more information at +1-386-736-2247.

Or, you may visit the contact page of our website and enter some brief contact information, location, type of custom powerboat that may interest you, and any other questions. One of our professionals will contact you immediately to discuss your ideas and questions.