Mystic Lifestyle: Fun Ways to Entertain Friends & Family on Your Boat

Mystic Lifestyle: Fun Ways to Entertain Friends & Family on Your Boat

There’s a boat for every enthusiast and activity. Some even do double or triple duty. Our custom-designed center console powerboats are the perfect choice for people who want it all—speed, watersports, and entertaining friends and family. Mystic’s center console boats with enclosed cabins are a terrific investment for those who want to share the good times of a Mystic Lifestyle with others.

Good Friends, Good Times

There are countless things to love about owning a boat. One of the best has to be the ability to get away from it all, if only for a day or even a few hours.

From all-day meanderings on the water to finding relaxing picnic-perfect spots along your route, entertaining on a day yacht can be an enjoyable time for people of all ages. Much more than good-looking machines that get you from point A to point B, boats can be a portal to another world where stresses are forgotten, and smiles and laughs are the norm.

And since many boaters are also social creatures, it’s only natural you’d want to share this wonderful, water-bound experience with friends and family. In fact, for many people, it’s one of the primary reasons for getting a boat.

Mystic’s M3800 and M4200 center console boats are ideal for entertaining. Their wide-open spaces, plentiful comfortable seating, and optional accessories like hammocks, grills, and mood lights will make you the most popular host on the water.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway to a coastal town or just an evening out under the stars, here are some of our favorite suggestions for entertaining family and friends.

Refreshing Relationships

Want to keep things simple? Host an understated occasion that features limited food and drink. For instance, wine and champagne accompanied by charcuterie boards make for an easy yet elegant feast. And a spread that includes a selection of craft beers or margaritas with different types of tacos and salsas is something just about everyone can get excited about. Other seaworthy party drink ideas include:

  • Bloody Marys served with fruit kebabs and assorted scones and muffins for an early morning outing.
  • Summer-themed cocktails like cactus coolers, Long Island iced teas, or fruit daiquiris with nibblers like shrimp skewers, mini pizza pockets, and sweet potato sliders.
  • If you’re heading out to sea to celebrate a holiday, pick a drink scheme to match. For instance, a Fourth of July menu might include vanilla creamsicle cocktails, a festive fruit punch or sangria, and American-brewed beers served with standard fare like hot dogs, burgers, and the trimmings. And don’t forget to give your boat a festive feel with holiday-appropriate decorations.

Of course, you’ll want to offer plenty of non-alcoholic choices for those who don’t imbibe or are operating the boat!

Plan an Ultimate Boating Staycation

You don’t have to travel far from the dock to feel like you’re visiting a distant locale. Most people love finding ways to unwind without going far. Here’s how to escape to the water on your boat to enjoy quiet hideaways, beautiful sunsets, and unplugged time with friends and family.

  • Be a tourist in your own neighborhood. Arriving by boat to local communities and waterfronts gives the experience a whole new feel. Along the way, you’ll see spectacular views you never see from a car. And you may find that by arriving by boat, walking familiar streets feels completely foreign and new.
  • Dine alfresco. Either a picnic at the beach or a special onboard dinner under the stars can take a boat outing to a whole new level.
  • Go island hopping. If you’re boating in a region with lakes and islands, you can take the equivalent of a short “road trip.” Exploring islands is fun whether it’s with kids or if you just want to rediscover the kid in you. Everyone enjoys hunting for seashells and spending time relaxing on the beach. And there’s always a surprise or two to discover.
  • Plan a water toy party. New tubes for ocean tubing, a water trampoline, floating noodles, and other water toys add fun and excitement to a day out on the water, creating memories people will cherish for a lifetime.

Don’t Forget the Music!

It wouldn’t be a Mystic Lifestyle experience if there wasn’t a soundtrack! Luckily, there’s a song or music genre for every moment and occasion on the water. A killer soundtrack to the day’s activities adds a nice background to your boating adventures with friends and family. Choose water-themed songs like the Beach Boys’ “Kokomo,” Jimmy Buffet’s “Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes,” and “Sailing” by Christopher Cross for an on-point experience. Or just find a mix on Spotify that creates a great playlist to satisfies everyone’s musical tastes. No matter what type of music you and your guests enjoy, it’s the ideal complement to the sound of the wind and the waves!

The More the Merrier is the Mystic Lifestyle

With all the amenities of home, including sound systems, climate control, plenty of on-deck seating, and fully-equipped galleys, your custom-designed and built Mystic powerboat has everything you need to relax, party, or explore new destinations.

If you want to entertain your guests on a world-class luxury boat, our M3800 and M4200 are the way to do it. We offer some of the finest luxury powerboats on the market and can customize one to meet all your entertainment and cruising needs. Ready to invest in your own custom luxury boat and experience the Mystic Lifestyle? Contact us online today to schedule a personal consultation.