Monitoring and Security Systems to Keep Your Luxury Powerboat Safe

Monitoring and Security Systems to Keep Your Luxury Powerboat Safe

You took the time to choose the perfect model, pick out the colors and fabrics, and add the necessary features to your dream powerboat. You designed it from the ground up to be the perfect cruising machine to suit your style. Don’t let someone just waltz in and take it from you! Boat theft is ranked as the ninth most common insurance claim, and only one in ten stolen boats is ever recovered.

A boat is an investment. You put time and money into purchasing and maintaining it, so it’s essential to have a security system to protect it. Choosing the right security and monitoring system is a matter of understanding the options available and weighing their pros and cons against your needs and preferences.

Here are the most popular monitoring and security systems to keep your luxury powerboat safe.

Boat Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems are a great way to keep tabs on your boat. They won’t actively alert you of issues, but they will let you check in whenever you want.

The most common boat monitoring system is GPS. It’s always a good idea to outfit your boat with a GPS tracker. That way, you’ll always know where it is no matter how far away you are. If your boat does get stolen, you’ll be able to track down the thief with ease.

You can even catch a discount on your insurance policy if you install a monitoring system on your boat.

Types of Alarm Systems

An alarm system is what actively alerts you when there’s an issue. An alert can range from a simple beeping noise to a push notification sent remotely to your wireless device. Alarm systems come in three basic levels:

Local Alarms

Local alarms are like a standard burglar alarm. When tripped, it makes a loud noise to alert anyone in the vicinity.

This type of alarm is the simplest and cheapest to install but offers limited protection. To work properly, there needs to be someone in the area who can help deter a criminal. Local alarms are best used on luxury powerboats in a public marina with a full-time staff or if your boat is kept near your house.

Remote Communication

Remote communication alarms go beyond local alarms and notify you of threats from anywhere in the world. When tripped, they send a push notification to your mobile device to alert you instantly. Many can be configured to alert the police as well.

While remote alarms offer more alert range, they also need more equipment. They need to be connected to cellular networks or satellites to send texts, emails, and alerts wirelessly. In some cases, this connectivity will require monthly or annual fees to stay connected.

Interactive Solutions

While remote alarms can only communicate one-way, interactive alarm solutions let you actively respond to threats! When you get an alert to your device (just like a remote alarm), you can react in different ways depending on the system you choose.

Some interactive systems let you turn on floodlights remotely to scare off intruders, while others can even let you shut off the engines. If you get an alert that someone is taking your boat out of the marina, you can stop them dead in the water with the push of a button. They’ll have no choice but to sit and wait for the police to show up.

Types of Sensors

Notifying you of intruders is only one step of the security and monitoring process. The other part is detecting intruders in the first place. Most luxury powerboat owners use sensors to detect when something is going wrong on the boat.

There are dozens of types of sensors you can use to monitor your boat. Which type of sensor(s) is right for you will depend on your need and type of vessel. Here are some of the most popular sensors used to protect boats:

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors do exactly as their name suggests: They detect motion. They only work when placed in a raised location where they can overlook the entire boat. If you own a boat without a roof or canopy, like the C400 catamaran, this type of sensor won’t work very well.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration sensors are attached to your luxury powerboat’s deck. When someone walks onto the boat, it picks up the vibrations from their footsteps and triggers the alarm system. These sensors are great for monitoring movement on the entire boat because they don’t have blind spots like a motion sensor.

Door and Hatch Sensors

Door and hatch sensors come with two parts: one attaches to the doorframe and the other to the door itself. When the two parts separate—like when the door is opened—it triggers the alarm. These sensors are great for installing on entrance doors and storage hatches. 

It’s not uncommon for some boat owners to hire someone to take care of their boat’s maintenance. A door or hatch sensor attached to a storage area will allow them to do their job undisturbed but will make sure they don’t go through your personal things.

Mechanical Sensors

Mechanical sensors are attached to your luxury powerboat’s mechanical equipment, like the engines. It can detect when something is in use, triggering an alarm. If anyone starts up your boat’s engines, you’ll know immediately.

Location Sensors

With a location sensor, you can set up a geographical boundary for your boat. If the GPS detects your boat going beyond the set boundary, it triggers the alarm. Most people who use location sensors place a geographical boundary around their dock or marina. That way, the boat can be moved around the area without triggering an alarm, but the minute someone tries to leave, you’ll be notified.

Choose the Right Security System for Your Luxury Powerboat

Boat security systems come in many shapes and sizes. To choose the right one for your needs, consider your type of boat and where it’s typically stored. For example, if you own an M4200 that’s stored in a busy public marina, you have an awning for a motion sensor, but it’ll likely be tripped every time someone walks by your boat. In that instance, it’s best to go with something less sensitive to passersby, like a location sensor.

No matter which type of security system you choose, it’s always a good idea to get professional installation. Not only will a professional be able to offer advice on which system is right for your situation, but they’ll also make sure that everything is properly installed to keep your powerboat safe.

A luxury powerboat is an investment. Protect it with a security and monitoring system suited to your exact needs. It’s the best way to ensure nobody can drive away with your hard work.