Is the Center Console The Dream Boat for You?

Is The Center Console The Dream Boat For You?

From 20-foot, one-engine skiffs to quad-engine 56-footers, center console boats are among the most popular boats on the water today. Built to appeal to dedicated anglers, center consoles are also a favorite for pleasure boaters. For hardcore fishing enthusiasts, center consoles are ideal. Having the console in the middle of the boat leaves the entire perimeter free for casting anywhere along the rail, with each person free to select and cast from any spot.

The center console’s configuration offers a smooth and comfortable ride for casual boaters while providing greater visibility for pilots. Plenty of options to accommodate non-fishing outings make for a cozy yet exhilarating and entertaining water experience.

What is a Center Console Boat?

Center console boats are simply boats whose steering station is in the exact center of the boat. Unlike boats with side consoles such as cruisers and bowriders, a center console boat’s wheel and other controls are within easy reach of both the starboard and port sides. The central configuration can also make docking much more effortless. Nearly all center console boats have outboard power.

Mystic Powerboat’s central console models are all customizable, so you can pick the features that fit your needs and desires.

Advantages of a Center Console Boat

Center consoles are straightforward, open boats with some weather protection and plenty of seating. The boat’s wide-open configuration makes it ideal for fishing, wakeboarding, or skiing. Depending on the size you choose, different amenities like additional seating, reversible helm seats, and cabins make for a highly-personalized boat that meets all your demands.

Trying to decide if a center console is the right boat for you? Here are some of the benefits and advantages to consider.

Good Protection & Visibility

The center positioning and windshield provide pilots with protection from wind and spray. The 360-degree field-of-view at the helm is also an excellent feature. Other layouts often create blind spots that can impede the pilot’s ability to see what’s going on around them. Maneuvering around tight corners is more manageable, as is docking; and typically, no additional crew is required.

Fishability aka Deck Room

Center consoles let anglers move effortlessly from stern to bow while going head-to-head with a fish. The all-around design allows people to move around the deck without disturbing the pilot. The ample standing room is ideal for following a fish and leaves plenty of open sky for casting. Plus, there are few obstacles for lines to snag on.

Easy Maintenance

You can trailer most center console boats for routine maintenance. They’re easily lifted, placed on yardarms, and covered in about an hour.


The large field of view ensures the pilot can see that everyone on board is safe while out on the water and while docked or anchored. Convenient boarding pathways include a starboard-side door that opens inward to avoid interference at a dock.


The fantastic luxury seating arrangements on a center console allow for different areas of the boat to be easily accessed and enjoyed by everyone on board. Depending on the configuration you choose, the stern of the boat can accommodate a wet bar setup.


New outboard technology has made it possible for center consoles to cruise at speeds in excess of 75 mph. The Mystic M3800 blasts from zero to 30 mph in around six seconds and easily tops 84 mph. You not only get where you’re going much faster, but you’re also more comfortable getting there, even at high speeds, as Mystic’s windshields are designed to deflect wind away from the back seats.

Cabin Space & Storage

The Mystic M4200 has a spacious queen cabin below with ample headroom and a mini-gallery featuring a sink, refrigerator, and microwave. There’s also a berth, head, and well-designed lighting. An aft storage locker and floor storage offer plenty of room for storing fishing and entertaining supplies.

Is the Center Console Your Dream Boat?

There’s no such thing as the “perfect” boat, but a center console comes darn near close. It’s an honest-to-goodness fun machine that’s also incredibly functional, reliably helping you do the things you want to do out on the water.

There’s a good reason center consoles occupy a huge segment of the luxury boat market:

  • They bring so much utility, performance, and style to so many different types of boaters.
  • They perform well and have excellent rough-water abilities.
  • They can be loaded with fishing gear and coolers or just a picnic basket and sunscreen.

If fishing is your main game, a center console boat allows you to work your lines from anywhere on the deck. If your water interests are more varied, the center console has that covered, too. Cruising, entertaining with friends, or tow-sports, a center console offers optimal comfort and protection.

Mystic designs and builds custom center console powerboats to suit any boating passion. Ready to learn more about how a center console boat is likely the dream boat for you? Contact us online today to schedule a personal consultation and discuss your boating needs.