How To Stay Safe in Your Luxury Powerboat

How To Stay Safe in Your Luxury Powerboat

Boating, while it is just about always fun and relaxing, can also present opportunities for danger. Staying mindful and continuously aware of your surroundings is essential as you head out to sea or other waterways.

Lapses in concentration and ignorance of marine safety rules and protocols often lead to tragic consequences.

Although you may be experienced with operating other types of boats, not being fully oriented to how your new luxury powerboat will handle before testing its limits can expose you, your passengers, and the vessel to unnecessary risks.

Even the most experienced boat owners should take the time to adapt to a new watercraft, especially when the boat is a high-performance luxury powerboat. Traveling at speeds more than 60 miles-per-hour on rough water, for example, will leave little margin for error and requires a skilled and experienced operator.

Take a Refresher Course

After purchasing any luxury powerboat capable of high speeds to run in rough ocean conditions, do not assume that you are fully qualified to handle it without some orientation. Every luxury powerboat handles differently, so pushing the craft to its limits on the first outing could be a mistake.

Safety Tips for the New Luxury Powerboat Owner

Luxury powerboats are designed for pleasure and excitement. Whether just cruising, participating in watersports, or fishing, a luxury powerboat outing can bring families and friends together for a good time. But, before casting off, each time you should make sure everyone onboard is fully aware of safety rules and that your luxury powerboat is appropriately equipped with all the necessary emergency devices.

Here are some safety guidance tips to ensure your outings will be safe and enjoyable:

1. Take Advanced Courses in Luxury Powerboat Safety

Whether you have substantial experience with various types of boats or are a rookie, owning and operating a high-performance luxury powerboat may be an entirely new experience and requires additional training. Qualifying for your Pleasure Craft Operator Card is not sufficient, since the certification only covers the bare minimum of topics.

Having members of your family participate in the training with you is a terrific idea to enhance your collective preparedness.

2. Learn to Read the Weather

In Florida, for example, where hurricane season may impact your schedule significantly, learning more about weather forecasting is essential. Besides always tracking weather forecasts, knowing how to judge certain cloud formations and being able to read and interpret barometer changes can be extremely helpful.

3. Are You Really Prepared to Set Out?

Before launching, deliver clear instructions to all passengers about responsibilities and the available safety equipment should an accident occur. Make sure your electronics and communications are in perfect working order and repeat a “man-overboard” drill before you set out. Everyone should have a responsibility in case of an emergency.

4. Inventory Your Emergency Gear

Boaters often pay too little attention to their emergency equipment until a serious occasion arises. Before leaving the dock in your luxury powerboat, make sure your entire inventory of safety equipment is in good working order and easily accessible. For ocean sailing or open water voyages in your luxury powerboat, having extra safety gear is a good idea.

And, a mandatory step before ever starting out, check that your life jackets and personal flotation devices aboard your luxury powerboat are in perfect condition.

Also, make sure you have the highest quality, most dependable safety equipment available. Finding your equipment is substandard after an emergency event takes place is too late.

5. Always Maintain Awareness of your Surroundings

Whether you are navigating a crowded channel or seemingly alone in the open sea, staying mindful and always alert of all that surrounds you is critical. Ask a reliable passenger to act as a spotter is always a good idea, particularly when you are traveling at high speed in your new luxury powerboat.

Slow down when you near navigational hazards or when the weather and visibility get bad. Remember that at high speeds, your reaction time in a luxury powerboat is shortened significantly. Wait until no obstacles are in sight before you really accelerate.

Prepare in advance by studying navigational charts for hazards along the itinerary you expect to travel. Also, plan your stops and locate available marinas where you can put in for repairs and refueling.

Post a “float plan” before you depart and stick with it. In the direst emergencies, search and rescue teams have a better idea of where to look.

6. Make Sure Your Charts are Up-To-Date

Circumstances change, and your charts can become outdated. Make sure all your publications and charts are current concerning Canal Regulations, Small Craft Guides, and sailing directions. You can make sure that you have the latest by consulting the Fisheries and Oceans website for your relevant area.

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