How Mystic’s C4000 Demands Attention With Comfort and Performance

How Mystic's C4000 Demands Attention With Comfort and Performance

Take a trial run on Mystic Powerboat’s C4000 Catamaran and you’ll quickly discover just how smooth, exhilarating, and fun boating can be. Our world-class cat brings you greater stability and a comfortable ride in virtually any water condition.

Misconceptions about the ride, performance, and value of owning a double-hulled catamaran like the C4000 still abound, so we thought this would be a great time to put some of them to rest. We hope that by setting the record straight, it’ll make it easier for you to feel confident about purchasing a luxury catamaran now or in the future.

From Stability to Value: Dispelling Common Luxury Catamaran Myths

When you’ve been building luxury powerboats as long as we have, you hear quite a lot of rumors around high-power catamarans, most of them pretty far off from the truth. People often believe these whispers, and it’s understandable, as they usually have no source of information directing them to the correct answers. Sometimes, people who claim to be knowledgeable will keep these misunderstandings going to serve their own purposes.

Below are some of the myths we’ve heard.

Catamaran Myth 1: Power catamarans don’t look like “traditional” boats.

Yes, a catamaran looks different from a center console, but there’s no denying they’re also some of the best-looking boats on the market. And when compared to dual-hull models, they have just as smooth rides and their sea-worthy counterparts, especially in rough waters.

Catamaran Myth 2: Catamarans are awkward to drive and difficult to get used to.

Some boaters we talk to believe learning to pilot a luxury catamaran is too difficult. They worry they won’t get used to the boat’s supposed awkwardness. But the truth is catamarans are incredibly simple to operate, and once you learn the basics behind keeping a proper trim, you’ll be well on your way to being a cat expert. Talk to experienced boaters and they’ll tell you learning to drive a catamaran was easy and that they’re thrilled with their purchase. We’ll spend as much time as you need explaining the ins and outs of operating our C4000 before you make the investment.

Catamaran Myth 3: Cats can throw you from the boat.

One of the tallest tales about a catamaran is that you can easily get thrown from the boat, especially when turning sharply at high speeds. It’s simply not true. Many catamaran owners say there’s definitely a difference in how a cat feels compared to a center console, but, at the end of the day, it all comes down to personal boat preference, not whether you’ll end up in the drink.

Catamaran Myth 4: Catamarans can tip.

Many people believe that because catamarans have two hulls close together, they can rock violently when drifting. In fact, one of the inherent advantages of cats is their stability.The twin-hull design of luxury catamarans like the C4000 is that they allow for a smoother drift in beam seas that settles much faster than monohulls, as they don’t suffer from the pendulum effect monohulls can.

Catamaran Myth 5:  Catamarans can’t handle rough seas.

This one is definitely way off-base, particularly when it comes to the C4000. Rough seas are where cats show their true superiority. Mystic’s power cruising cat offers exhilarating high-speed adventures, due in large part to its Mercury 450R engines that provide uncompromising performance. The engines feature a rugged Advanced MidSection (AMS) that stabilizes the outboard for increased high-speed handling. You get a ride that’s super smooth at any speed or water conditions.

Catamaran Myth 6: Boaters in the know prefer monohulls.

Some people attracted to catamarans worry they’re buying a dying breed of a boat. The truth tells another story. There are plenty of boaters for whom the catamaran is the only choice. Need proof? Powered catamarans market revenue in 2017 was greater than $1.15 billion! Technological advancements, the use of lighter materials, better fuel efficiency, and improved stability make cats a highly desired boat by high-end luxury users.

Catamaran Myth 7: Catamarans pitch or angle for no apparent reason.

You might have heard a twin-hull design’s main weakness is that the hulls fight each other for dominance, with each one pulling in the opposite direction. The truth is nowhere close. Catamarans might be distinctly different from monohulls and have their own unique handling, but learning to pilot one is actually much easier than driving a conventional boat.

Catamaran Myth 8: Catamarans are bad in head seas.

Head and following seas are two of the main types of water conditions boaters face. Head seas are a formation of waves that run in a direction opposite to that of the boat. If you’ve heard that cats have a history of bad performance in head seas that make a ride dangerous or uncomfortable, the truth is that thanks to their twin-hull design, catamarans perform better in head seas compared to monohulls. What’s their secret? The air trapped between the tunnel and the water creates a cushion of air for the boat to ride on, so you get the best ride around.

Catamaran Myth 9: Catamarans don’t track well in the following seas.

Many boaters worry driving a catamaran is too challenging as they’ll have to constantly watch the sea and where they’re going. It’s just not true. Luxury power cats actually perform much better than monohulls in a following sea, as monos tend to plow into the front wave as it comes down, making them more susceptible to broaching or heeling too far to one side. Catamarans are nearly always more buoyant in the bow than their monohull counterparts.

Catamaran Myth 10: There’s no resale value and no market for previously owned catamarans.

Data from recent boat shows reveals there’s currently unprecedented demand for catamarans, driven primarily by a generation of baby boomers and younger adventurers looking to experience a new class of water adventure. Power catamarans with lightweight hulls that require low engine power are a growing segment of the market, particularly attractive to people who no longer have the time or budget to put together a crew. That makes pre-owned cats, if and when you can find one, as in-demand as any other used boat. And because people who invest in a catamaran tend to hold onto it for a long time, a low percentage are typically available for resale. That means the resale value can be pretty high if you decide to move on to a newer boat.

Catamaran Myth 11: It’s more complicated to trailer a catamaran.

Are catamarans difficult to load and drive down the road? Nope, with its two hulls, a catamaran is super-stable and easy to trailer and transport. Catamaran trailers come with tracking pads that guide the hulls as you load or unload the boat. And because the cat’s unique design creates less air resistance when on the move, the boat is more fuel-efficient on and off the water!

Catamaran Myth 12: Catamarans can easily break in half.

This could be the most outrageous myth of all! Catamarans are not weak and prone to snapping in half just because they’re double-hulled. Let’s put it this way: catamaran hulls break off far less often than monohulls sink. In other words, you don’t have much to worry about!

Catamaran Myth 13: Catamarans are uncomfortable.

Have you ever noticed that virtually all high-speed passenger ferries are catamarans? There’s a good reason for that. Greater displacements, higher speeds, and larger sitting areas are among the most sought-after features in the rapidly evolving power catamaran market. The Mystic C4000 delivers on all counts.

Despite what you might have read, catamarans are hands down more stable than V-bottom monohulls, and it’s why cats have now evolved into highly desired pleasure boats. High-quality engineering and top-level fit and finish are just a few of the reasons this is so. With each hull providing buoyancy closer to the boat’s beam-ends, there’s a high degree of resistance to heeling and rolling. And because catamaran hulls cut through waves instead of plowing over them, they provide a far more comfortable ride than you might have imagined.

The Mystic 4000 Catamaran Offers Unparalleled Comfort and Performance

Lighter and swifter than previous models, the Mystic 4000 is the most comfortable and fastest power catamaran on the market today, accelerating hard to please high-performance catamaran lovers everywhere. Unlike many power catamarans, it perfectly balances speed and luxury, with each boat fully customizable to your every need and desire. You can choose from thousands of options in colors, materials, seating configurations, interior and exterior features, paints, and motor configurations.

Every catamaran we design and build is with one goal in mind: to make your on-water experiences fun, fast, and smooth. From ample cushioning to stylish interiors and functional luxury, no other boating company comes close to meeting your every design wish! You no longer need to decide between comfort and speed. Mystic’s C4000 gives you both, delivering exceptional enjoyment, speed, and responsiveness.

When you want a true custom-built catamaran, you need to put yourself in the hands of an experienced custom boat designer. Mystic Powerboats’ superior boat-building skills mean we’re able to deliver a flawlessly designed and engineered luxury catamaran for you that’s truly like no other. What do you enjoy when you invest in a Mystic catamaran?

  • Experience and expertise. No other luxury catamaran designer offers the same commitment to detail that Mystic Powerboats does. We have more than 25 years of experience and a lifetime of training in designing one-of-a-kind luxury cats that take boating to a whole new level.
  • Unparalleled customer service. When you purchase one of our Mystic C4000 catamarans, you get the same level of service year after year for as long as you own your boat.
  • Flawless artistry. From form to function, Mystic Powerboats uses only the finest materials to build your C4000 catamaran.

Are you ready to join the ranks of other boaters who’ve made the investment in a luxury catamaran? The unmatched design and performance of Mystic’s C4000 custom catamaran are guaranteed to provide the highest level of luxury, owner satisfaction, and performance.

We firmly believe that any boater who loves on-water speed and adventure should seriously consider a power catamaran. Our C4000 looks great, is easy to manage, and provides incredible advantages other cats don’t, including:

  • A double-hull design that offers superior stability on the water and at rest.
  • Wide-apart twin-engine propellers that make maneuverability and spinning easy.
  • The ability to head into more shallow waters.

If you are someone who believes the true joy of life is the trip, a custom-designed and built luxury catamaran from Mystic Powerboats can show you just how true that is! Contact us online today to schedule a personal consultation and to learn more about the joys and comfort of owning and operating a C4000.