Designed for Speed: The Mercury 450 Engines That Power Our Luxury Powerboats

Designed for Speed: The Mercury 450 Engines That Power Our Luxury Powerboats

In recent years outboard engines have grown dramatically in popularity, size, and reliability. Their technological advances combine to improve fuel efficiency, eliminate much of the ethanol issues of older engines, and boost performance with their sophisticated air intake systems.

When choosing an outboard engine for Mystic’s fourth-generation catamaran and center console boats, you want one that delivers the power and performance you expect. Mercury’s customizable 450R is a 4.6 liter V-8 with a supercharger system that perfectly complements our M3800, M4200, and C4000 models. It offers 40% more torque than the company’s 400R yet weighs in at 689 pounds, just 21 pounds more than the six-cylinder version.

The 450R promises to elevate every aspect of your high-performance boating experience. With its power, control, reliability, and convenience, it will definitely shatter your most demanding powerboat expectations, allowing you to go faster and farther in your Mystic custom luxury boat than you ever imagined.

The Excitement of High-Speed Catamarans

Power cruising catamarans create an exciting water adventure unlike anything else you may have experienced. Fantastic to look at and offering exhilarating high-speed thrills, a sport catamaran is compact, manageable, and offers distinct advantages over other types of boats:

  • Twin-engine propellers that are set wide apart make for easy spinning and maneuverability.
  • The two hulls provide superior stability at rest and on the water.
  • Due to its design, a catamaran can venture into more shallow waters.

All in all, a catamaran personifies the saying “the journey is the joy.” A custom-built catamaran from Mystic Powerboats brings your boating vision to life, delivering luxury, style, and comfort like no other. Marked by fine craftsmanship and innovative design, our C4000 is designed to meet your highest standards.

Mystic’s M3800 and M4200 Center Consoles Built for Speed

For Mystic, performance is a paramount consideration in every boat we design and build. Our M3800 and M4200 center console boats deliver outstanding performance on rough waters, offer unparalleled functionality, and exhibit unmatched versatility compared to other boats. That they’re also easy on the eye is an added benefit!

The speed, agility, and responsiveness of our center consoles give them the awe-inspiring ability to generate the joy most thrill seekers are looking for.

Premium Power to Take You Faster and Farther

The speed of high-performance catamarans and center consoles highly depends on the motors they’re equipped with. The supercharged Mercury 450R engine with its slingshot acceleration offers dynamic and unrivaled performance. Mercury handcrafts these reliable engines for boaters who crave unrelenting power. Boosted by an exclusive supercharger, the powerhead delivers 450 peak horsepower while staying 300 pounds lighter than its closest competition.

Highlights of the 450R include:

  • Inspired engineering that provides uncompromising performance. From cowl to prop, the 450R engineers have employed well-tested design features and innovative technology to redefine an outboard motor’s capabilities.
  • The highest level of outboard power driven by its generous displacement, supercharged induction, and Mercury’s celebrated QC4 technology.
  • Zero-lag pressure charging for instant throttle response. The twin charge-air coolers and belt-driven, twin-screw, and water-cooled superchargers deliver higher torque by providing pressured ambient air to the intake tract and reducing the intake charge’s temperature. The electronic boost bypass valve responds to changing conditions automatically.
  • A rugged Advanced MidSection (AMS) stabilizes the outboard for increased high-speed handling and isolates the powerhead from the transom. You get a ride that’s smooth and quiet at any speed.
  • Gearcase options are designed to improve control, maximize efficiency, ensure low water pickups, and deliver race-proven performance for catamarans capable of speeds exceeding 85 mph, such as the C4000, which can hit speeds of up to 120 mph.
  • An integrated rear tie bar bracket provides an ultra-light yet strong mounting point perfect for catamaran applications.
  • An Advanced Sound Control, dual muffler system you can toggle between an ultra-quiet and deep sport mode with a thrilling growl on startup. Take a listen here.

Mercury Racing is committed to personalized performance, so the 450R engine can be customized and upgraded to complement your center console or catamaran.

  • Accent panel colors include Devil Eye Red, Graphite Grey, and Carbon Filter.
  • Gearcase options include Sport Master black and 5.44” HD silver.
  • Chassis colors include Phantom Black and Cold Fusion White.
  • Accessories include digital zero effort controls, joystick piloting, and performance active trim.

There’s also a range of propellers designed for both single and multiple engine configurations.

Mystic’s Custom Luxury Boats & The 450R: The Perfect Match

When the 450R and Mystic luxury powerboats join forces, the result is quality you can see, feel, and experience. If the speed, performance, and offshore comfort of a luxury catamaran or center console is what you’re looking for, Mystic has the custom boat for you. Our easy-to-operate catamaran and center consoles deliver heady speed and offer:

  • A more comfortable rough-water ride than similar luxury speedboats on the market.
  • Ample cushioning and a functional yet comfortable and luxurious interior that’s as attractive as it is practical.
  • An open cockpit.
  • All carbon fiber hulls that precisely balance weight, shape, length, and capability.
  • A 200, 293, or 300-gallon fuel capacity that lets you go farther faster.

The 450R is the ideal amped-up engine to support all our powerful boats. It produces an unbelievable amount of torque in a compact package and has the best power-to-weight ratio in its class.

Ready to learn more about the 450R or Mystic’s luxury center consoles and catamarans? Contact us online today to schedule a personal consultation. We’re excited to share our experience, expertise, and knowledge about how exciting owning and operating a Mystic powerboat can be.