“Customizing” Your Custom Powerboat

“Customizing” Your Custom Powerboat

Just as motorized vehicles changed land travel, engine-powered boating transformed water transport. No longer dependent on prevailing winds to propel passengers and cargo, sailors now travel more efficiently and usually quicker from point to point as long as they carry sufficient fuel.

Lifestyle Decisions When Buying a Custom Powerboat

Powerboats come in many shapes, sizes, purposes, and styles with a sweeping array of options designed to accommodate the owner’s needs and preferences. A prospective custom powerboat buyer first needs to determine how the craft is to be used, the number of passengers, principal functions, where it will go, how fast, and where and how it will be stored or transported when inactive, and more.

1. How do you plan to use your custom powerboat?

You have a variety of decisions to make. Avid sportfishing devotees seek different features, accessories, and performance levels than a luxury powerboat owner who’s in the market for a fast, high-performance, sleekly styled custom powerboat. One that grabs spectators’ attention each time it pulls away from its berth.

Custom powerboat owners look for a watercraft that can accommodate and entertain passengers while ensuring a thrilling, comfortable, and safe cruise. Outings should incorporate impressive bursts of speed with a comfortable ride that moves the party to the destination quickly. Some prospective owners look for a custom powerboat equipped for sports outings like water skiing, wakeboarding, inflatables, and more.

While fishing, watersports, and just cruising are typical functions of most custom powerboats, buyers can configure their purchases to accommodate two or even more of these activities.

2. Are you looking for speed with luxury in your custom powerboat?

The thrill of skimming over the waves at speeds above 60 mph is achievable with a well equipped and designed custom powerboat. Not only can the experience be truly exhilarating, but high-performance custom powerboats will increase the thrill of your favorite water sports while also moving you to and from your favorite fishing spots quickly when time is limited.

3. Your decision: Catamaran or Single-Hull Custom Powerboat?

Many of the premier custom powerboat manufacturers, like Mystic Powerboats of DeLand, Florida, recognize consumer preferences for both single and dual-hulled custom powerboats. As a result, they have designed high-performance watercraft in both styles.

Boaters will likely continue to debate the advantages of single or double-hulled custom powerboats forever. Your choice, once again, depends on what you hope to achieve. Both hull designs offer certain benefits in style, maneuverability, stability in rough seas, and speed.

Single or mono-hulled custom powerboats:

  • Are easier to dock.
  • Have a deeper draft and generally provide a more comfortable space below the deck.
  • Have a narrower beam that provides better access to smaller channels or slips.

Catamaran or dual-hulled custom powerboats offer:

  • More speed with less resistance. Similarly, powered catamarans are faster since two slim hulls cut through the water more easily than one wide one.
  • Better fuel efficiency with less drag in the water.
  • A potentially broader foredeck without the tapered bow of a single hull craft.

Size and Capacity

Your custom powerboat should comfortably accommodate the number of passengers you expect to carry. The passenger capacity may be a vital determinant of the size of your custom powerboat. And, if your main objective happens to be high-speed cruising or traveling to a destination in the shortest time, a comfortable, multi-seat, high-performance powerboat is the best choice.

Adding the Details You Like

Once you have made the “big” decisions, it’s time to sit down with a custom powerboat company representative to refine your choices for color and styling, power, electronics, and more to match your purchase to your vision.

With Mystic Powerboats, you can select from among three popular, proven, high-performance models that specialize in speed, performance, and luxury. During your one-on-one meeting with the Mystic Powerboats professional, you will begin to customize the finished product with your choice of power levels, exterior styling and color, luxurious passenger accommodations, and more.

Check Out Mystic Powerboats to Design Your Dream Custom Powerboat

Mystic Powerboats has been a leader in powerboat design and performance for over two decades. Highlighted by sleek, eye-catching profiles matched with high performance and luxury, Mystic’s award-winning  powerboat designs have reached the pinnacle of respect and esteem among knowledgeable custom powerboat owners.

Each of the three models of Mystic Powerboats offers specific advantages and levels of appeal to slightly different market segments. Each is custom-finished with the highest standards of artisanship and precision.

  • M4200

The single-hulled Mystic M4200 is the best selling model in the lineup. With your choice of outboard engine configurations, the 42’10” custom powerboat is the largest and fastest center console boat that Mystic offers.

The M4200 presents a dry and safe ride at speeds ranging from 70mph to 90mph, depending on the engine configuration.

  • M3800

The 38’7” M3800 comes with similar styling, beauty, luxury, and performance of the M4200, but in a slightly smaller package. This more compact monohulled beauty accommodates towing and storage easier, without sacrificing performance. Seating and upholstery are elegant and comfortable, while the design keeps passengers dry even at 70 mph.

  • C4000

This double-hulled powerboat has evolved from four generations of racing design experimentation and award-winning performance. The stability created by its twin hulls provides the C4000 a most comfortable ride in rough ocean waters.

When appropriately powered with high-performance outboard engines, the 43’10” catamaran cuts smoothly through the waves at up to 100 mph. Feel the speed and acceleration without getting wet in your open cockpit while enjoying ample cushioning.

Contact Mystic Powerboats for a One-on-One Consultation

Begin the process of selecting and customizing your sleek new, high-performance custom powerboat with Mystic Powerboats. If performance, luxury, and attention-grabbing beauty are your objectives, a Mystic professional can help you create the high-performance powerboat that you long to own and drive.