Choosing a Center Console Luxury Powerboat: Comparing the M3800 vs M4200

Choosing a Center Console Luxury Powerboat: Comparing the M3800 vs M4200

Whether you’re new to luxury powerboats or you’ve been captaining your own vessel for a while, there will come a point where you might find yourself online, browsing options, upgrades, and customizations you can apply to really make your powerboat your own.

But maybe you’re not quite ready to act just yet. There are plenty of options out there after all, and this is one decision you don’t want to rush. To help, we’d like to describe two of our top-performing center console boats and outline a few differences worth noting.

The M3800

The M3800 is a powerful introduction to luxury powerboats, featuring an overall length of 38 ft. 7 in. and a deep freeboard of 33”. The M3800 was built to offer a comfortable, safe ride no matter what weather conditions stand in your way. It has a reverse chine design that diverts water spray down away from the boat, gunnel wind doors to block strong gusts, and a comfortable 60” wide helm – ideal for those of you who prefer to keep the spray out of your drink while relaxing on deck!

The M3800 may be smaller in size than its M4200 counterpart, but don’t let that fool you. The M3800 is a powerful vessel that’s completely customizable to your style. The console comes with all of the stylish features you’d expect in luxury powerboats, including a spacious cabin,, LED lighting, and a comfortable deck that can seat up to 15 people. And if that’s not enough, feel free to add a little extra punch with an upgraded outboard motor, choosing between the more standard Mercury 300 V8’s or the potent 450 hp supercharged engines.

The M4200

When you’re looking for something a little bigger and a little bolder than the M3800, we have the M4200. This is a larger luxury powerboat option that features a total length of 42 ft. 10 in. and a deep freeboard of 38”. Like the M3800, the M4200 was built for rugged weather resistance, including a reverse chine design and gunnel wind doors to keep everyone on deck comfortable. And of course, this vessel comes complete with all of the same luxury features as you’ll find in the M3800 center console.

But as the larger of the two vessels, the M4200 does have a few benefits over its smaller cousin. The M4200 features a slightly larger fuel tank, larger fresh water storage capacity, more space on deck, and the potential to upgrade the vessel with triple or quad engine setups. In other words, you’ll have more space, more power, and more freedom to manage your boat any way you want.

Is One Luxury Powerboat Better Than the Other?

Although the M4200 is certainly the more luxurious of the two, there’s no one-size-fits-all luxury powerboat for everyone. Some may prefer the smaller scale and simplicity of the M3800, while others will appreciate the upgraded power and capacity of the M4200. Think about how you’ll want to use your new boat, but rest assured that either option will provide safe, comfortable rides for your weekend getaways.