6 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Invest In A Custom Powerboat

6 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Invest In A Custom Powerboat

If you’re thinking about becoming a first time boat owner, it can be tough to pull the trigger on such a major purchase. For many people, owning a custom powerboat seems like a dream — something that is ultimately unattainable or something that is only achievable once you hit a certain financial milestone. The truth is that owning a boat is not only more affordable than you think, but it can also improve your life in a myriad of ways. From reducing stress to having quality time with friends and family, owning a boat can significantly increase your overall happiness. 

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing a custom powerboat, here are six reasons why now is the best time to make the investment:

1. You Can Improve Your Mental Health

Let’s face it, it’s been a stressful year. Numerous scientific studies have suggested that boating improves mental health, reduces stress, and promotes creativity. When you invest in a custom powerboat, you’re also investing in an activity that will provide no shortage of positive emotional and psychological benefits. 

A “blue state of mind” is a phrase some scientists and psychologists use to describe the mind’s ability to reach a tranquil, meditative state while near a body of water. When a person reaches a blue state of mind, they feel at peace in the moment and an overall sense of happiness. Being near water allows you to clear distractions from your mind, engage in healthy self-reflection, and achieve a meditative state.

Achieving a blue state of mind is easy when you own a boat. Many people invest in a custom powerboat so they can ultimately spend more time on the water and unwind from the daily stresses of life. There is really no better way to alleviate stress and develop a more positive, healthy mental state overtime. 

2. You Can Learn A New Skill

Learning how to operate a custom powerboat can be challenging at first. Boating consists of a series of skills that must be learned and practiced over time. Learning how to launch your boat, navigate, anchor, dock, and understanding the general rules of the waterways are all skills you’ll need to develop. Learning new skills can be fun, and it’s also a good way to keep your mind healthy. 

3. You Can Enjoy Quality Time With Friends And Family

Most people buy a custom powerboat so they can spend enjoyable quality time with friends and family.  Whether you’re throwing a party onboard or setting sail on a romantic date night with your significant other, nothing beats time out on the water and owning a boat is a great way to strengthen the important relationships in your life.

Boating also offers a number of opportunities to have fun out on the water. Water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing are just a few ways you can have a blast with your kids and friends.

4. You Can Make New Friends

Becoming part of a local boating community is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to make friendships that can last a lifetime. Since boating is a pastime that anyone can enjoy, owning your own boat really allows you to meet people from all walks of life. Boaters love comparing models, sharing tips, and spending time together on and off the water. 

5. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Some people think of boating as an activity associated with the rich and wealthy, but that’s not exactly true. Boating can actually be a lot more affordable than you think. If you have good credit, it’s possible to finance a boat at an affordable rate. Spending time out on the water also saves you from spending on more expensive weekend activities like shopping and dining out. While both marina and land-storage can be expensive, storing your custom powerboat at home is always an affordable option. You can also use your boat to take you to and from a number of beautiful Florida location spots, which can save you big on transportation costs.

6. There Are Always New Places To Explore

Florida’s vast coastlines, numerous lakes, rivers, and bays provide an endless number of places to explore by boat, which means every weekend you’ll have a new place to explore. Taking your boat to new places means having a new adventure every weekend with new sights to see and people to meet. Owning a custom powerboat in Florida means you’ll never get bored.

Choosing The Perfect Custom Powerboat

At Mystic Powerboats, we offer three models of custom powerboats that are truly unlike anything else on the water. Each model has its own unique set of advantages and can be completely customizable to meet your needs:

  • M3800 – A versatile, fast 38′ monohulled powerboat with end to end luxury. This model is a good balance of comfort, safety, and speed.
  • M4200 – Host your friends and family onboard this 42′ luxurious custom powerboat. Our M4200 is the perfect combination of size, speed, and comfort which makes it great for long trips or parties.
  • C4000 – Looking for something to show off? This newly redesigned 40′ catamaran has a carbon fiber body and is our fastest model. 

Few things in life are as enjoyable as a fast boat. If you’re ready to bring your dreams to life, contact us today. Our team would love to help you design a custom powerboat that matches your lifestyle.